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Navigating the world of entrepreneurship is demanding, challenging, and often times feel lonely. But it doesn’t have to! Take it from someone who knows first-hand how valuable support and encouragement can be when you’re getting started. We weren’t meant to travel this road alone. So that’s what I am offering you— a friend, mentor, and guide during this incredible journey you are about to embark on.

These sessions are designed specifically for entrepreneurs who are looking to get clear on their personal brand. Whether your starting from ground zero to create your brand, or if you’re looking to re-brand your current business— I’ve got you! We will walk through the steps for how to develop your personal brand, as well as discuss strategies for how to incorporate it into your overall business plan. Your personal brand is going to be key in your future business success. Therefore, the goal of these sessions is for you to leave with knowledge and tools you can take with you, and utilize, along your incredible entrepreneurial journey.

NOTE: Our sessions will take place over live video chat, so we can connect anywhere in the world. There are no limits.


Are you like me—always with a camera in your hand, seeing the world through your own lens, and anxiously wanting to make your photography passion a career? But, much like I did, do you also struggle with figuring out how to take your photography from a hobby to a business?

The best thing I ever did for my business was to find outside support, coaching, and mentoring. The perspectives and knowledge I received from others who had once been where I stood, was priceless. I would love to give that same gift back to you!

If you have specific questions or just need help getting started, I’d love to offer my advice, share my tips, and be a friend to embolden you along your journey. We will meet online for single sessions or on-going mentoring. Or, if you prefer to meet in-person, you can choose a half-day mentoring session. During all of these sessions we will answer your questions in real time and discuss strategies for social media, portfolio building, and techniques.






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